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Capturing Injured Teenage Gose

My girls noticed a few days ago that one of the teenage geese, was having trouble walking. The poor thing kept sitting down, while the rest of the flock looked desperately from a far unsure how to help. I thought we'd give a couple days and see if it healed on its own.

Today I thought I saw one that was only slightly walking with a hitch, so I was hopeful that was him and all was well.

Nope... a few hours later the Wildlife Rescue Center #wildliferescuestl was kayaking in the lake trying to capture him for rehab. Jack saw they could use some help, so he jumped into our kayak and got to work. Within 10 minutes they had the poor little guy netted and then in a carrier. It was then easy to see why he was limping. There was fishing line tangled around one of his legs :(

Now in the hands of the professionals, he now has the best chance of a full recovery. Can't wait to see him back at the farm.

Now what to tell his parents....

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